Radically ask for better business excellence blueprints

Disney author Jeff Noel writing on a plane
Writing on a plane today.

Radically ask for better business excellence blueprints

What you know about business excellence┬ácomes from what you’ve done, read, experienced, taught, written, thought, and dreamt about.

Even with all that going for you, odds are high you’re still yearning for better, simpler, more profound and actionable information.

Have you considered asking for more, and for better?

Have you considered being radical in your asking?

Some say, “Ask and you shall receive.”

i say .think .differently about organizational vibrancy.

Keep your questions ridiculously simple and be radical in asking for better blueprints.

No one builds a cathedral without blueprints.

Why would your organizational vibrancy legacy be any different?

Why would your company’s business excellence culture be any different?


How’s that for a radically simple question?