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Started January 25, 1982. Retired October 31, 2014.

Frequently Rarely Asked Questions:

Q) What is Jeff’s superpower? .thinking .differently

Q) Does he wear a cape? No.

Q) Does Jeff do more than Keynotes? Yes. Keynotes easily expand to half-day or full-day engagement. Plus, boutique Organizational Culture coaching for the discerning executive.

Q) Why are Jeff Noel speaking videos impossible to find? By Disney contract, none of his 2,000 speeches were allowed to be recorded.

.think .differently

Q) Why doesn’t Jeff publicly share his content? Exclusivity. It’s a rare treat and superior competitive advantage for his clients.

Q) Why no client list? When you speak with Jeff, ask if he’s worked with “fill-in-the-blank”. Odds are high he did.

.lead .differently

Q) Why is Jeff atypical from other speakers? During Jeff’s 15 years at Disney Institute, he saw every audience, no matter the industry or leadership level, struggle with the “officially-packaged” content. Jeff fixed this. His messages and methods, honed at Disney Institute, are similar to Apple’s confidential operating system – it just works.

Q) Why did Jeff retire from Disney after only 30 years? His son entered High School and Jeff wanted control over his global travel schedule.

Q) What are Jeff’s three price reductions from his $25k one-hour Disney Customer Service Keynote fee? By the way, standard full-retail payment is 50% at signing, 50% 30 days before event. You can craft your own negotiation-free discount. (1) Do it in Orlando for $20k. (2) 100% upfront payment at signing, 20% discount, even in Orlando. (3) 20% volume discount for two or more 100% prepaid sessions, even in Orlando. Use all three discount options and you score roughly 50% off. Standard payment is 50% at signing, 50% 30 days before event.

.engage .differently

Q) What is Jeff’s brand essence? Hope. Jeff has an insatiable desire to help others see and do things previously thought impossible.

Q) What does Jeff dislike mentioning? Jeff was Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker. He also received both Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Awards.

.serve .differently

Q) Is Jeff an entertainer? No. But he’s entertaining simply through his remarkable audience engagement toolkit.

Q) What is the meaning of life? To love and be loved.

.brand .differently

Q) Why no client testimonials? Jeff believes most testimonials are staged and inflated.

.improve .differently

Q) If you peeled back a few layers, what would we learn about Jeff? He’s the only person on the planet that publicly claims balance is NOT a myth. Jeff and his wife share 66 combined years of Disney Service. Jeff spent his life deconstructing Disney’s operational DNA and then reconstructed it into five brilliantly simple organizational pillars with 19 architectural blueprints. Since his college-aged son was born, Jeff starts every day on his knees. Jeff has overcome alcohol addiction, and, an invisible disability. He’s been a runner since 7th grade; at 50, Jeff represented Team USA in Finland at the 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships in the 400-meters. He did a 1982 solo bicycle ride across America as well as took a three-week bicycle honeymoon a couple years later, with only $200 cash. He’s never owned a new car. Jeff is the unofficial world-record holder for most blog posts by a single author, 24k. Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity, Jeff cannot wait for the alarm clock (iPhone) to go off every morning.

Q) Does Jeff have free resources? Yes. But that’s not why you’re here, and exactly why they are last thing on the last “Hidden Tracks” page.

[email protected] to arrange discovery call. Jeff replies same day.

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Updated: Feb. 14, 2022