Jeff does not track nor use cookies.

Jeff is no longer employed by, nor represents, The Walt Disney Company in any way.

Jeff began his Disney career in 1982 and retired from Walt Disney World in 2014.

Jeff and Family continue to live less than one-mile from Walt Disney World. He has a Lifetime Disney Pass, and at times visits daily.

Please note: If you laugh out loud at work at least once a day (should be much more), your call with Jeff should/will be riddled with that.

jeff.noel@icloud.com To arrange a discovery call with Jeff. He replies same day, but you already know that. lol

Thank you for investing your time to get this far. Impressive. Jeff put together a written summary of what a first call with Jeff covers. The summary goes to next-level deep in what to expect if you truly desire to be in the Olympic Finals. Enjoy the “Olympic Finals” possibilities here.

Updated: Feb 12, 2022