Month: September 2021

  • Just like Disney Institute but you get two bonuses

    Just like Disney Institute (DI), the Professional Development arm of the Walt Disney Company, but you get this too: Exclusive, Concierge-level access to the owner, every single time. World-class, Disney Business Excellence content, generally 50% less cost than other world-class providers (like DI). Think about how this applies to what you purchase and why? How […]

  • The best business excellence analogy i can make

    The best business excellence analogy i can make Here’s the best analogy for why organizational vibrancy blueprints need to be drawn up like architectural drawings: No one begins building anything without blueprints. The more detailed the drawings, the better the outcomes. Literally nothing gets missed when the design is on paper. Take physical vibrancy, for example: […]

  • Why seven Disney Business books?

    Why seven Disney Business books? First, it’s important to set context for why there is such a crazy (impossible) dream to write seven Disney business books. And, to also think publishing seven Disney Business books is a smart move. Do you know someone who has done this? Ever heard of an author who’s done this? […]