The second greatest human fear

Disney University cafeteria sign
Day 21: Disney University. DU’s cafeteria sign.
Disney University lobby trophy case
Disney University lobby trophy case.
Social media screen shot about employee engagement
BC and i worked together at DI. BC is retired and running his own company.
bookshelf with Seth Godin and Disney books
Seth fan. Indeed.
Jeff Noel leadership slide
Part of my “Lead Like You Mean It” keynote.

The second greatest human fear

Most people know this, the second greatest human fear is the fear of death.

What’s the top human fear?

The only thing scarier than dying is public speaking.

So yeah, no, i never wanted to be a public speaker.

No dream.

No wish.

Not even a remote thought that just randomly came and went.

No desire nor interest ever happened before the day Carol called.

After that, the idea of being a Disney professional speaker consumed my thinking.

Like a broken record, i kept repeating the same question over and over, “Why me?”

Never thought about becoming a Disney Organizational Vibrancy expert.