The Business Chain of Excellence Gospel According To Walt Disney

Reedy Creek Fire Department
Day 22: Reedy Creek Fire Department. Parked and wrote from car.
Reedy Creek Fire Department on East Buena Vista Drive, at Disney Springs.
Disney Institute Cast Member Nametag
Flock of Vulture on ground eating roadkill
Flock of Vultures on ground eating roadkill.
Eagle surrounded by Vultures while eating roadkill
Vultures heavily outnumber the lone Eagle. The Vultures parted the sea as the Eagle walked through to the carcass.

The Business Chain of Excellence Gospel According To Walt Disney

Gospel: gos┬Ěpel, noun: Something regarded as true and implicitly believed: to take his report for gospel. A doctrine regarded as of prime importance: political gospel.

The good news, Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence is simple and serves as the world’s business gospel.

The bad news is it’s not easy.

When i first discovered i had high cholesterol, the doctor recommended two simple steps to lower the risk of heart disease.

Diet and exercise.


Not easy.

Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, you’ll see in a moment, is ridiculously simple.

And yet finding an organizational culture of overwhelming leadership excellence is roughly as statistically similar as finding a large number of vibrantly healthy American adults.