Fear is a Liar

Disney's Boardwalk Resort
Writing from Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Convention Center today.
Disney's Boardwalk Resort back courtyard
Disney’s Boardwalk Resort back courtyard.
Disney Fairy Tale Wedding at Disney's Boardwalk Resort
Disney Fairy Tale Wedding at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort in October.
Disney's Boardwalk Resort panorama
Disney’s Boardwalk Resort panorama.
Disney Institute Employee Engagement program banner
Disney Institute Employee Engagement program at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort Convention Center.

Fear is a Liar

We admire legendary corporate cultures. Companies like Apple, Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, and of course, Disney, come to mind immediately.

If we are honest with ourselves, would we say, deep down, we’ll never be as good.

i mean, seriously, how could we possibly create a business excellence assembly line that actually manifests itself as organizational vibrancy?

We can’t.

And we believe the script we tell ourselves.

What if i challenged you to .think .differently?

To imagine being able to draw up cultural blueprints; to architect a foundation that you can’t wait to show and tell others about.

This book illustrates the five foundational business excellence building blocks for world-class corporate culture.

It’s just a dream and a drawing, but guess what?

Now you have a drawing.

You never had a blueprint before.

You’re welcome.