Once Upon a Time in Disney’s Business Chain of Excellence (prologue)

Main Street view from Train Station
Day 3 book writing from Town Square, September 11, 2016.
Walt Disney World Train crossing road
Small Town traffic on the way home.

Writing seven Disney Business Books in one year, from the iPhone 7 release to the iPhone 8 release.

Once Upon a Time in Disney Business Chain of Excellence (prologue)

In a world full of cookie cutters, Walt Disney was a craftsman.

In a world full of complexity, Disney works hard to simplify its key, repeatable messages.

We live in a world where every answer is a click away, and yet common sense isn’t so common.

Here’s common sense at it’s finest:

Leaders impact the employee experience; employees impact the customer experience; customers affect the financial experience; creativity is the DNA for continuous improvement at every stage.

Disney’s Business Chain of Excellence: Leaders -> Employees -> Customers -> Business Loyalty -> Creativity & Innovation.