Disney’s Business Principles Greatest Hits Book Chapters

teen at Disney
September 10, 2016.
Disney buttons
One for the trainer, one for the trainee.
Walt Disney World at dusk
Heading to a special location. Not far from yesterday’s Adventureland location.
man sitting on chair
Is this clue enough to identify the location?
man writing on iPhone at Skipper Canteen
Ceiling fan is the final clue.
iPhone notes app note
Capturing world-class, common-sense, time-tested Disney Leadership insights.
crowded main Disney Main Street at night
Heading home after writing at Skipper Canteen.
Disney fireworks over Space Mountain
There’s limited seating for this view.
bench facing Space Mountain at night
Show barely beginning to Space Mountain’s left.
Hometown, relaxing, reflecting, enjoying.
teen sitting on bench at Disney's Contemporary Resort
Pausing for a moment to enjoy the show. Notice the mini-van?
kids watching Disney fireworks from mini van sunroof
That face says it all.

Writing seven Disney Business Books in one year, from the iPhone 7 release to the iPhone 8 release.

Disney’s Business Principles Greatest Hits Book Chapters:

  1. Prologue
  2. Disney Business Excellence Beliefs
  3. Why? (not what and how)
  4. Disney’s Business Excellence Basics
  5. So What?
  6. Disney Business Excellence Stories

Note: My personal phrase for Business Excellence is Organizational Vibrancy.

Our plans may change time and time again, but this is our first overall thinking for Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney