It’s Not The Business Excellence Magic That Makes It Work

two rocking chairs on brick porch
Day 13: Liberty Square, Hall of Presidents exit.
Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe Magic Kingdom
Looking across the way at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.
Hall of Presidents exit
Hall of Presidents exit. Right next to the two rocking chairs.
disney speaker Jeff Noel sitting on Magic Kingdom rocking chair
Work from anywhere, before WFH became a thing.
Walt Disney's Main Street window
Walt’s Main Street window faces Cinderella Castle.
Meg Crofton Main Street window
Meg Crofton at one time was Walt Disney World’s President.
Disney balloons
Heading home after Day 13 writing at Disney.

It’s Not The Business Excellence Magic That Makes It Work

It’s the hard Disney Organizational Vibrancy work that makes it Magic.

It comes down to being focused and disciplined.

  1. Focused on the basics.
  2. Disciplined to never take our focus off the basics.

Seems ridiculously simple right?

It is.

Remember, though; simple doesn’t mean easy.

If focus and discipline were easy, we’d all be outdistancing ourselves from our competition and achieving “the impossible”, competitive immunity.