Be A Yes Person

Be A Yes Person.

We understand the ready, fire, aim concept.

But do we live the essential essence of the opposite; intentional and proactive thinking and doing?

Years ago one of my favorite Disney colleagues, Dennis Frare, shared a statement that is one of the most profound truths i’ve ever heard.

To know is to do. To know and not do, is to not yet know.

The value of the following yes-or-no questions is self-evident and irrefutable.

Have fun answering.

  1. i have read at least 24 business excellence books?
  2. i am the most passionate student of business excellence i know?
  3. i subscribe to, and read, at least two daily business excellence blogs?
  4. i have personally written extensively (subjective) about the leadership chain of excellence ripple effect?
  5. i teach business excellence to others?
  6. i live and breath a balanced business excellence approach?

These questions are the ticket to the dance. They are in no way all-inclusive. The road to excellence has no finish line.

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