Average Business Chain of Excellence is a crying shame isn’t it?

Disney Laundry logo
Day 15, September 2016. Daily writing at Walt Disney World. Textile Services is Disney-speak for Laundry.
Disney World softball field
Just arrived to begin today’s writing at Walt Disney World. The Disney Laundry is behind right field.
Disney World softball field
Biking to Walt Disney World from home every day never gets old.
Disney World softball field
Textile Services, a massive hotel linens laundry facility, is the light blue building behind the outfield.
Buena Vista Construction sign
Heading home.

There’s no room for average business chain of excellence at Disney



It’s a crying shame, isn’t it?

Because you’ll never know.

Never know what might have been.

Never know how effective your impact could have been.

Never lived up to the hopes your leaders had for you.

Never lived up to the hopes you had for yourself.

Satisfaction is dangerous.

They say only the mediocre are at their best every day.

The antidote is obvious.

Seek out timeless Organizational Vibrancy wisdom.

Embrace simple, profound, industry-neutral Cultural Vibrancy insights.

Begin today to rethink, reprioritize, and recommit your time and effort.